Barking and BuzzingTN

Barking and BuzzingTN is a US Army veteran-owned animal sitting, pet boarding and animal daycare service located in the Middle Tennessee region, zip code 37185, located near Erin, TN. Our services allow you to be worry free about your pets while you tend to your own affairs. Short term care, longer term care, or other options are available, dependent upon your needs. A pick up and drop off service at the Nashville Airport (BNA), or other locations, is available.

Notary public services are also available.

We have an animal chip reader on our premises. Stop by and we will read the chip for free to let you know who owns the animal or if you need to update any information in the database. We cannot do that but we can let you know what is on record.

Our calendar, booking and discount codes are available at: https:///, discount code: JEFFRW63294.


white and brown long coated dog
white and brown long coated dog


Pet Care near the event

If you want to attend this event and have pets to consider, we are fairly close to Lorettas Ranch and can care for your pet(s) for the duration of the event. We have limited space so first come, first served. At the bottom of this page is a coupon for our services as well.

Feel free to reach out to us via the CONTACT page with any questions you may have.

Welcome to Tennessee’s ultimate motorcycle rally and music festival all wrapped up into one 4-day party!For a few days each year, Loretta Lynn’s majestic 3,500-acre Ranch turns into a TWO-WHEELED PLAYGROUND with flat track racing, hillbilly hooligans, boonies, field games, a hill climb, miles of trail riding, Harley-Davidson full demo fleet, and the ever-popular BC Moto Invitational featuring a showcase of extraordinary hand-crafted motorcycles.

With a nod to our host, the legendary country music artist and songwriter, LORETTA LYNN, the MUSIC IS EVERYWHERE. Three stages feature incredible artists, players and songwriters playing Outlaw, Country, Rock, Bluegrass and so much more.

The VIBE IS EASY with folks having a great time camping on the Ranch, riding, chilling in the creek, gathering at the midnight bonfires and taking in all great music and the rural scenery.

Many have shared that TMMR takes them back to why they fell in love with the motorcycling in the first place. For us, it’s all about providing the best experience with genuine southern hospitality. WELCOME!

About us

Are you traveling in the Middle Tennessee/Nashville region, possibly to attend a conference or on vacation? Do you need a trusted place to leave your pet while doing so?

Travelers into this area often find their hotel does not accept pets. If they do accept pets, how will your pets react to being locked in a hotel room while you go about your business? You can leave your pets with us and they will be cared for just like they were ours. We are then only a text away to send videos or photos of your pet in real time, if you have time in your adventures.

Our house is your pets house. We live on 2+ acres of country living right on the Kentucky Lake in the Land Between the Lakes region. Your pet can run and frolic to their hearts desire. Customers can drop off and pick up at our house, or I can taxi them to and from the Nashville airport or other agreed upon location.

Taking care of your pets is our job, not our hobby.


Prices are as follows, all prices are in US Dollars:

Boarding Overnight: $33.00 per night, additional pets are $24.00 more per night

Holiday rate is $39.00 per night/$27.00 per night

Day care is $27.00/$22.00 per day

If you wish for your pet to be bathed and groomed, let us know, it comes free with a stay. There are no hair cuts, nails cut, etc at this time.

Your pets will be walked several times a day on gravel roadways, Kentucky Lake bank, and through the forest. The length is dependent on your pets stamina.

TAXI SERVICE: Any taxi service will be at the prevalent US Government mileage rate ( We use Apple Maps GPS "quickest" route to base the mileage. Currently, a round trip from our location to the Nashville airport is about $110.00.

“Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”

- George Elliot